CyberSecurity Training Program

As part of ACTSmart IT’s security program, we offer on site and online continuing training for the whole team.

Training Day
It starts with a 30 minute meeting at your office that is both fun and informative. During that time, we outline the goals and process of the ongoing training. This establishes a relationship and opens communications to help foster success.

Weeks 1 – 12
We then initiate 12 weeks of onboarding, training and short weekly quizzes. Understanding the basics of Cybersecurity is crucial, no matter what industry you are in.  These Onboarding Training Modules and Quizzes are designed to introduce every employee to the “basics” and best practices in cybersecurity, so they don’t have “one wrong click” that compromises the entire company’s network.  We have found that retention is better and compliance more certain when training is broken up into short, easy to understand sections.
ACTSmart IT will be able to track the completion of each module and report back

Weeks 13 and on … Continuous “Refresher” Training
Both the IT Security Tips and the Micro Video Trainings are designed to be “bite-sized” nuggets of CyberSecurity information that are easy to implement and will teach simple ways that you can better protect yourself (and your company) from cyberattacks.

Taking this approach, every member of the office has consistent reminders to be vigil and to think before they click.
If you’d like more information on this inexpensive and easy to establish program, just fill out the form below and we will send you a complete overview.