Security Cameras

August 11, 2017 / BY

Who’s at your front or back door?

Who’s waiting in your lobby or reception area?

Who’s where they shouldn’t be?

At a recent meeting, three office managers recounted incidents that made them very nervous in their office. Another office manager admitted that she had felt that way and that they now have security cameras. ACTSmart is now offering security cameras as another part of securing your office. Here are the top 10 things you should consider when buying security cameras…

  1. Security, Surveillance or both?
    Is your goal to monitor who is at the door or are you also looking to monitor activities in and outside the office? This will help you decide what type of camera(s) you’ll need. If you want to be able to identify who just walked in, you’ll want a higher resolution camera. If you just want to know that someone walked in, a wide angle lens could be best.
  2. Who will be viewing the activity?
    Do you want just the front desk to have access or do you want access from any computer so you can see who is in the reception area? Do you want access from your cell phone to monitor when not in the office at all?
  3. Will your internet bandwidth suffer with the widespread use of the monitoring app?
    If you already have slow internet, you may want to consider limiting usage or upping your bandwidth.
  4. How secure is the camera system?
    How can you make it more secure? You don’t want strangers to have access to your system!
  5. Where will the footage be stored?
    Will it be on premise or in the cloud? Will you be using memory cards, a hard drive, a DVR or cloud storage?
  6. How much lag time is there?
    All security cameras experience lag time. If “immediate” notification is necessary, such as when monitoring who just walked in the front door, you’ll want to make sure that the camera will quickly display the event.
  7. Wired or Wireless?
    Wireless causes a bigger burden on your internet speeds but normally won’t need wires run in the office if electric power is readily available. Wired cameras have less internet burden but must have cables installed at each camera location. Do you want “always on” video recording, motion activated or a mix of both?
  8. Do you need permission from a landlord to mount the cameras?
  9. Will you want night vision or infrared?
    If you are not only monitoring daily activities at your doors but also want to monitor what is happening after hours, you may want to consider cameras that switch to night vision mode after dark.
  10. Do you want to “Do It Yourself?”
    We have found that people who go to Sam’s, Costco, etc. and purchase a camera system have 1 or more things happen.
    1. They aren’t able to run it on their network or view them internally – especially if you have a Business Class firewall in place (Which you absolutely should have protecting your office).
    2. They only record and the space is usually not large so video will rewrite over itself over time.
    3. Most off the shelf systems offer NO tech support at all
    4. The cameras are usually low quality and the software that runs them is not very professional!
    5. They fail to secure their IP security cameras by immediately changing the manufacturer’s generic password, allowing hackers easy access.
    Request an evaluation of your security camera needs. Our 10 point security camera assessment is only $497 and will be deducted from your purchase when you buy your system from ACTSmart.

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