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ACTSmart technicians get over 8 hours of additional education each month. From Wednesday afternoon cross training to webinars and seminars from our key solution providers, ACTSmart is always looking forward to the best products and solutions for our clients.

Our monthly, full color 8 page newsletter is full of information for your industry. It includes IT news as well as articles than will make you and your business more vibrant and responsive. ACTSmart sponsors local organizations like South Shore Dental Dental and Dental Managers Society. We also offer the use of our 30 seat conference room to anyone for their monthly or annual meeting, special trainings or lectures, all at no charge. We're dedicated to helping you make your business thrive!

We are adding a video studio to our office. There, we'll film seminars and webinars as well as take head shots for our clients' use on LinkedIn or other web-based marketing.

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